At the Bottom of Everything

The rest of my Sundance trip:

Emphasis mine.

An Italian restaurant's restroom decor.


Slamdance's closing night film was a documentary on the creator of Jelly Belly beans.

There is no good way to transport cupcakes by air.

Hammacher Schlemmer's 40 Second Electric Toothbrush is frightening.

Has anyone tried the QuickGym 4 Minute Workout?

You get the same results from 4 minutes on the QuickGym as:
• 25 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise
• 45 minutes of weight training
• 20 minutes of stretching

"Phoenix Sky Harbour: America's friendliest airport!"

If it's so friendly, why can't I find a map of this place? And why aren't these walkways moving? Barry Goldwater terminal – pfff!

—you're still feuding with that airport?

There are unused icons on your desktop.

A sign outside a taberna promoted DirecTV's Sunday Ticket. "Every Sunday. Every game. Join us!"

All you need is 17 airline tickets to get past security.

"We'd like you to paint a mural…"

This Fox Sports Bar also features this fabulous wall:

If memory serves me right: Favre, Yankees, McGwire. Yes, three moments.

Next: Tribeca Film Festival

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