Reading Week

"Any que–"

His badge read "Jonathan Yu." Awwwkward!

I should probably be recuperating from Macworld. Well, Macworld + SF Indie Fest + Chinese New Year — four consecutive 20-hour days.

I haven't seen any footage of the Olympics yet.

I question the business value of trade shows. Macworld felt like a glorified flea market.

At one point, I found myself dealing with a Hispanic smart-aleck in a tall tee.

"Can I have one?"
"Can you have one what?"
"An iPod."
"Why not?"

What I said: "Because these iPods are demo units."
What I thought: "WHY ARE YOU HERE?"

A number of local public high schools brought students as a field trip. What California education budget crisis?

A teen (13, 14) tech news crew requested an interview.

"Shouldn't you be at school?" I wondered. "It's Thursday!"

Whenever I encounter school-age children before 3:00 pm on a weekday, I wonder why they aren't at school.

Apple didn't exhibit, but Microsoft did, in support of Office for Mac…2008.

Giant foam Word, Excel and PowerPoint icons paraded past our booth.

My boss decided to process sales through our web site. The exhibition hall's Internet was capricious, however, so at times, a queue would form.

One impatient hippo threw a hissy fit. While my boss apologized, I raged in my head.

"Your set-up sucks!"
Our set-up sucks? [Redacted] is using an IBM, an imprinter and a BlackBerry!

"You might lose a sale!"
Oh noes!

"I'm tempted to just walk away with this item in hand!"
And I'm tempted to slice your Achilles tendons with a boxcutter.

Four minutes later, he handed me a credit card.

Of course his name is Cοrnelis Swinkles. Of course!

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  1. David 15 Feb 10 at 10:34

    I think the same thing about kids out shopping with their parents.

    In high school, when I used to skip class, I would think everyone who saw us driving around knew we were cutting class.


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