Games People Play

People without cable:
"Yes! NBC decided to air the USA vs. Switzerland hockey game!"

People on the west coast:
"No! NBC will tape delay the USA vs. Switzerland hockey game!"

I wonder how many people without cable on the west coast complained about msnbc airing Sunday's USA vs. Canada hockey game.

Good job, luddites.

At least Russia vs. Canada will air live in all four time zones – for people with cable.

Canada has not beaten Russia at an Olympics since 1960.

The USA had not beaten Canada at an Olympics since 1960.

As a west coast native, tape-delayed Olympics coverage doesn't bother me as much as needing to stay up as late as people on the east coast did to catch it all. Fuck that.

In support of west coast tape delay:
» Live-blogs inform you exactly when the good parts of an awards show will air.
» You can watch Idol performances on the Internet before they air and consume an hour-long episode in 10 minutes. Moreover, you can skip all results shows.

A bronze medal is nothing to scoff at, but to me, bronze feels like winning the NIT.

Non-medalists should receive little chocolate participation medals.

Avery Johnson reminds me of a duck. Whenever I see him, I think: "Quack quack quack!"

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