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Most WWF/E Matches Wrestled
1. Bret Hart (≈2,403)
2. The Undertaker (≈2,226)
3. Tito Santana (≈1,885)
4. Shawn Michaels (≈1,862)
5. Triple H (≈1,799)
6. Kane
7. Greg Valentine
8. Randy Savage
9. Davey Boy Smith
10. Billy Gunn
11. Owen Hart
12. Matt Hardy
13. Hulk Hogan

Mr. Ass gets no respect.

I'd say Bret Hart's record is safe, but Triple H seems intent on holding all wrestling records and is in a position to grant himself his own wishes.

Bret Hart will extend his record at WrestleMania XXVI against Vince McMahon.

A 53-year-old stroke survivor in jorts fights a 64-year-old juicehead.

—the excrement of execution

The faster Vince submits to a sharpshooter, the better. Old man Bret's punches look embarrassingly anemic – like, Hogan bad.

Stone Cold Steve Austin will presumably insert himself into this farce as the referee.


  1. David 03 Mar 10 at 20:30

    Never would have expected to see Tito Santana in there.

  2. RB 05 Mar 10 at 00:28

    I wish Jeff and Matt were together again. :(


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