When introducing the world premiere of "Serbian Film," the filmmakers suggested that the screening might result in Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League, who programmed it, getting arrested. That's pretty big talk in a theater that's become the country's primary conduit for the most weird, wild, challenging or just plain fucked-up international cinema.

But around the time that Milos, a retired porn star who's lured in for one last (inevitably ill-advised) gig, is shown a tape in which a man attends a nude pregnant woman through labor, and then unzips and rapes the still-bloody infant, I thought that maybe they weren't kidding.

Charlotte Gainsbourg whipping out the scissors or Monica Bellucci in the underpass don't quite compare to someone getting fucked to death via their eye socket. [source]

What SERBIAN FILM needs at the end is someone popping up and saying, "The Aristocrats!" [source]

Q: What is the sickest thing you've ever seen in a film?

Before Matt introduced me to BMEzine, I would've answered "Bob Flanagan nailing his penis to a two-by-four in Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist." I had to cover my eyes and peek through fingers.

Instead, my answer is "the butchering of a live sea turtle in Cannibal Holocaust."

Guy's Frozen Penis Snaps Off in Ian McEwan's New Novel, a global-warming thriller

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  1. Anonymous 07 Dec 14 at 15:26

    what is that picturw from is that from a porno or movie


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