Satisfying Tournament this year. Plenty of shining moments for the montage.

Shame that it'll probably end with Duke crushing Butler.

last time Duke, Lakers and Yankees held titles at the same time, 9/11 happened. [source]

Coach Krzyzewski: A gala is a gala, gentlemen.

Coach Stevens: Keep in mind that we're crashing a middle school dance immediately afterward.

Coach Huggins: Oh shit! That's tonight?

Art Exhibit Idea: "Caring Is Creepy" – illustrations of college coaches cradling their star players. Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow. Geno Auriemma and Maya Moore.

Red Sports vs. Blue Sports
The Too Big Yo Symposium

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  1. Annabella 10 Sep 10 at 19:46

    Great movie! Really awesome how they work all togheter.


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