One for the bass, two for the drums

Who designs on-screen graphics for MLB Network? Jitterbug? All the text is enormous.

I know baseball's audience skews old, but jeesh…

Baseball would be more interesting without batting orders.

Select nine batters. Once you play a batter, you cannot play him again until all nine batters have batted, but you can play any batter in any spot.

After each batting cycle, you can adjust your pool of batters, but do so prudently, as you cannot substitute batters mid-cycle.

USA Network revealed its 2011-2012 development slate.

USA: Second-life-as-a-good-Samaritan premises welcome.

This one's my favourite:

Chris "Stick" Blake is a player in the NHL prominently featured in the majority of the top 10 hockey fights on YouTube. He just got suspended from his team, and now has to attend court ordered anger management classes. He's not a bad guy… he just loses it when people are bullied. After an old friend shows up with a life-threatening problem, Stick focuses his considerable energies on solving it and discovers a new line of work—helping people that the law can't.

I never thought I'd miss bike cops.

Sport Science examines how close Gordon Hayward's shot was to going in

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