The time for exigency has exited

Previously on Adam Riff™:
The DJ asked the caller to choose one of [six] shows: Pavement, Faith No More, Muse, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit.

"Pfff! Pavement!" I thought.

The caller chose Phoenix. […] The caller chose Vampire Weekend.

Today: "Be caller 10 and win tickets to see either Pavement or Passion Pit!"

I feel like Al Davis is the only person calling in.

Am I overrating Pavement? Or am I just old?

I saw a car with decals of a stick man and stick woman on its rear window. Just a man and woman – no children.

"How odd…ly pathetic," I thought. "Wonder if she's infertile."

The car was a minivan, however.

"Maybe their children died. What's the proper stick decal etiquette for deceased family members?"

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