Weekend Nachos


» My problem with Kick-Ass is Kick-Ass himself. He's…not interesting. His story is more or less a teenage phase on film, whereas Big Daddy and Hit Girl have purpose. They want revenge; he wants a girl. They're Jack Bauer; he's Kim.

» The Spirit 3 – heh.

» So Big Daddy sees Kick-Ass on television and adds a costume element to his revenge plot on a whim?

» MySpace: faithful to the source material or laughable creative decision?

» That Red Mist's car repeatedly rolls down the same stretch of Yonge Street in Toronto amused me.

» I can't hear "The Surface of the Sun" without thinking of Kaneda's death in Sunshine. [redacted]'s immolation is considerably less epic.

» More nepotistic cast: The Expendables or Grown Ups?

NBA Playoffs

» ESPN's score bar is hideous. I hate how the typeface used for team names and statistics renders a capital "J." It's inconsistent and very poorly kerned.

» Alternative camera angles should be saved for replays. If you can't switch angles in the middle of a play, then don't switch angles to begin with.

» Reality Show Idea: Ron Artest and Cheryl Miller give couples makeovers.

NHL Playoffs

» I wonder if the jingle for expedia.ca is "Expedia dot-caaah!"

» More sports should shame players during games. Idea: Redesign NBA basketball hoop stands so that if a player receives a technical foul, he must sit inside the opposing team's (transparent) hoop stand for two minutes and get slimed after every made shot.

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