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One day in eighth grade, Dave Bowman showed up to school wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt that read "I am the god of Fuck" on the back. At the time, I thought his shirt was super scandalous and snitched to Mr. Spenader, who asked Dave to cover it up.

Seeing "fuck" on clothing jarred me, like hearing characters in a video game curse.

Patrik 1,5 is a Swedish film about a gay couple who inadvertently adopt a juvenile delinquent.

On the film's official poster, you see Patrik in a shirt that he does not wear in the film. Whoever designed the poster added a message to Patrik's shirt, presumably to illustrate that Patrik is trouble.

Why that message, though?

I can think of a number of more tasteful ways to convey "trouble."

I can also think of far crasser messages to slap on his shirt. The designer(s), evidently, drew the line at "Fuck you you fucking fuck!"

The difference between saying or writing profanity and wearing profanity is that language is generally ephemeral.

Unless you can't read English, when you wear a shirt with the word "fuck" on it, you brand yourself as someone who thinks it's cool to wear a shirt with the word "fuck" on it. You brand yourself as someone whom the general public should not take seriously.

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  1. Kurtis 05 May 10 at 16:30

    In middle school, I was reprimanded for wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt that said "Hell" on the back in a scripture that was upside down. "Fuck" I can understand but "Hell"?

  2. esteban 06 May 10 at 13:56

    my buddy couldnt wear his simpsons shirt cause Bart said hell. his mom added an o with permanent marker.

    i have the new york fucking city shirt, and the who you looking at dicknose shirt.

    i concur, im not taken seriously.


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