Superior to Asians but not as intelligent as Blacks

Ofir is currently casting for the third season of Jersey Shore; The Persian Version, a Jersey Shore-like take on the Iranian community in Hollywood; Wicked Summer, a Jersey Shore-like take on Massholes; and Chongas, a Jersey Shore-like take on Latino gay men.

The reality shows about Russians in Brighton Beach and Asians in Los Angeles' Koreatown aren't being cast by Popular Productions. [source]

One more Jersey Shore-like take we'll have enough gangs for a flag football-like game show version of The Warriors.

One crazy night for up to one million dollars!

Eight gangs compete – seven existing ones and a fresh gang of ten "Warriors."

If a Warrior reaches Coney Island by sunrise, he or she wins $10,000.
If all ten Warriors reach Coney Island by sunrise, they split $1,000,000.

The existing gangs, meanwhile, win $100,000 for each Warrior they de-flag.

To facilitate interaction, the existing gangs can track Warriors when they are riding public transportation. No taxis allowed.

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  1. Aaron 11 May 10 at 11:13

    Absolutely a fantastic idea. Except all the Warriors should be scary ex-cons, and not just 'roided out Real World freakshows which would more likely be the case.


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