Bringing Out the Dead

Eric Byrnes earned roughly $40 million in a major league career that apparently ended with his release by the Seattle Mariners two Sundays ago.

He will make $11 million this year, even if he never takes another at-bat.

During a telephone interview on Tuesday night, I asked Byrnes what he planned to do today. This is what he said:

…Play 18 holes.
…Read his daughter a bedtime story.

This is how Eric Byrnes can be an everyman, even as a 34-year-old retiree.

"I'm in a position where I retired before both my parents." [source]

I filed for unemployment insurance today.

The lone employer to respond so far (Administrative Assistant/Support [Seattle]) is a scammer.

I suspect another employer in Seattle rejected me because I 1. applied from out of state and/or 2. requested too much for a salary ("low $40,000s"). I've since adjusted my salary requirements to "low $30,000s," which is what I had been earning.

Andrew S. Zimmern is most widely known for eating bizarre foods. [source]

"Ideal candidates will have at least a year of administrative support experience and the desire for a career as an assistant."

I'm not sure anyone aspires to be an administrative assistant.

Before I grew up, I wanted to be an anchorman.

Private high schools should invite me to speak to students on how not to spectacularly squander your youth.

Jordan Staal (born on September 10, 1988) is a centre for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He won the Stanley Cup at age 20. [source]

A decade's worth of Adam Riff™ content and absolutely none of it is usable as writing samples. Marketers want social networking experience. Design firms aren't looking for purely conceptual talent.

Carpe diem…

I just applied for a job in my hometown assisting a managing partner of a scrap metal trading company.

High Expectations Asian Father meme

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