Weekend Nachos

Brian Helgeland has now written two medieval films that opened in second place on the second weekend of May. In 2001, A Knight's Tale opened behind The Mummy Returns.

Robin Hood is the number one film in the world, however, and international profits will help offset its $237 million budget.

Similarly, Heroes garnered the highest international sales of any of NBC's series and was the most downloaded show overseas.

Oh, rest of the world… SMH.

If I'm not mistaken, Robin Hood is the most expensive film to be released this summer.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

The Human Centipede is destined to become a camp classic, like Sleepaway Camp. Its premise may be repulsive, but it's about as horrific as a Syfy original movie.

Moreover, its premise is all it is. A mad doctor fuses three people together for pleasure. Unlike Jigsaw or Elite Hunting, he has no larger agenda. After the operation, he is just a man sharing a house with a human centipede – a whimpering one that doesn't even complete a bowel movement!

While trying to escape from a cellar, the head of the centipede appears daunted by a staircase. "How did you end up in the cellar to begin with?" I thought. "You sleep upstairs. Surely crawling down a staircase with two girls attached to your ass is more difficult."

The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) will reportedly feature a centipede composed of 12 humans.

"You want to rent a limo for Prom? I'll do you one better."

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