Staring at candles, high on Bud Light

Jason Williams' tattoos perplex me. They are plastered on his body with seemingly no rhyme or reason. He looks like an office birthday card.

Williams' tattoos reportedly include: a panther, a dragon, "insane" in Japanese, a wolf holding a basketball, an eye (on his chest), and "white boy" (across his knuckles).

Meanwhile, A.J. Burnett's tattoos include: Bruce Lee, an Aztec symbol, a skull rosary, and "the guy from 300."

My first tat was a picture of me pitching. It's actually my delivery. It's covered up now, I got a Godzilla sleeve that covered it up. [source]


Idea: A reality show that follows the Stanley Cup's escorts during the NHL's off-season.

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  1. Aaron 21 May 10 at 00:57

    The descriptions alone are almost too much to bear. The guy from 300?! What the fuck!


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