Are science fiction and heart mutually exclusive? One word answer: Cocoon.

Did you consider showing the recovery of Bill Prady’s corpse after Dana shoved it into the wall at CTU?
Yes, we did. But it was a scene we never got to. We figured it takes five hours for a body to decompose and by then, the season is over. That's what we told ourselves, anyway.

"Shut it down."


"Are you crying?"
"What? No! I… What is that smell?!"
"Sorry, I forgot to put on deodorant today."
"No, it's not you, Cole…"


Student drank soda poop; classmate booked
Children are the future and that includes the South Jersey student who allegedly defecated in a classmate's soda and those who laughed as the classmate unwittingly drank it.

The Philadelphia Daily News, ladies and gents.

How do you poop in someone's pop without him or her noticing?

It happened inside a classroom.

He did it in class?!

South Jersey, ladies and gents.

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