The Internet is shaped exactly like the Earth

I have decided to shut down Adam Riff™ on September 10, its 10th anniversary. It may continue on in microblog form, but I plan to focus on creating a digital periodical.

Consider this summer the "final season" of Adam Riff™ (this incarnation, at least).


  1. Cangrejero 30 May 10 at 09:59

    While I'm very sad to hear this, if anyone deserves the rest it's you.

  2. Tyler 30 May 10 at 10:30

    The end of an era.

  3. Ernest Riles 30 May 10 at 11:06

    What a bummer.

    Are we talking Favretirement? Michael Jordan plays baseball? Barry Sanders?

  4. Horhay 30 May 10 at 11:11

    Do we get free merchandise?

  5. Maki 30 May 10 at 11:31

    First Lost, then 24, now this. I can tell you which one has been most consistently enjoyable the last 10 years… Now how am I supposed to seem cool when I don't have your insane links to pass on to non-internet-savvy friends?

  6. Tony 30 May 10 at 12:08


  7. hugostop 30 May 10 at 15:32

    will you tell us why there were polar bears on the island?

  8. hugostop 30 May 10 at 15:33

    BUTSRSLY. end of an era indeed.

  9. SousChefGerard 30 May 10 at 17:27

    I'm not allowing this.

  10. rob 30 May 10 at 18:17

    So you're joining tumblr like the rest of us?

  11. mike 30 May 10 at 23:46

    yah sad news. props to 10 years tho

  12. Ammo 31 May 10 at 00:27



    you're supposed to blog till you are murdered by your nemesis, hugo stop, and then your son is to avenge your death!

    this isn't supposed to end like 24 and Lost

    Adam Riff is the internet's CORONATION STREET

    we need you man……

    needless, i've been devoted to your blog since the nazi reindeer christmas cd

    rock on jon
    keep on truckin

  13. Aaron 02 Jun 10 at 01:52

    You outlived them all.

  14. Aaron 02 Jun 10 at 01:53

    I also never realized that Adam RiffTM and I had the same birthday until just now. Don't know how that happened, and I've been reading it for basically 10 years.

  15. John 03 Jun 10 at 01:34

    Godspeed, sir. Checking out "The Week of …" was always worth staying up for on Saturday night.


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