Memorial Nachos

"He's leaving. We gotta follow him."
"I dunno, Jason. According to his shirt, he has no fear."

Mystery Team

Swell premise, hit or miss execution. The Venture Bros. executes a similar premise more successfully.

The Horseman

In 24's final hours, Jack Bauer goes on a blind rampage to avenge the death of a loved one. In one scene, he ties a man up, rips some flesh off the man's torso with pliers, scorches the man's torso with a blowtorch, and disembowels the man with a knife.

In The Horseman, practically the same stuff happens. A father goes on a blind rampage to avenge the death of his daughter. In one scene, foes tie him up, stab his abdomen with a knife, rip his right nipple off with pliers, and scorch his torso with a blowtorch.

Whereas Jack Bauer could somewhat justify his actions with connections to terrorism, the "horseman"'s daughter is partially, if not wholly, responsible for her own death. He chooses to occupy moral low ground.

What vengeance, though! You'll never see Jack Bauer stick a soccer ball pump or fish hooks in someone's penis.

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  1. Liliana 10 Sep 10 at 19:45

    Great movie! Really nice how they fight back all togheter.


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