Feeling Lit, Feeling Light, 2:00 AM, Summer Night

In "When Doves Cry," Prince sings: "Maybe I'm just like my father – too bold."

Odd choice of adjective.

"My old man… He was really bold."

Mark Calaway (The Undertaker) did not attend UFC 116 because of The Undertaker's current WWE storyline (he's in a coma).

Calaway also skips WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies. How super method – Kaufmanesque.

Every Saturday, I see Jews walking home from a local synagogue and wonder if forcing Americans to observe Shabbat rules might help curb obesity.

An enterprising Japanese plastic food manufacturer should produce fake Bacon Club Chalupas to sell as gag gifts for single ladies.

Nate Appleman:

Right now I'm in the process of getting my whole rib cage [tattooed] as the Statue of Liberty, signifying my coming to New York."

Free association:

"Green colour on Maradona is caused by laser pointer."
Annoying gadget flashback!


  1. David 06 Jul 10 at 08:46

    Taker should have gone ala Michael Jackson and worn a mask.

  2. Aaron 06 Jul 10 at 12:42

    Nate Appleman: "But I think chefs are modern-day pirates…"

    The fuck is he talking about?


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