A pair o' pathetic peripatetics

Previously on Adam Riff™:
I feel that I'm not cool enough to wear sunglasses. I feel like a poseur with sunglasses on. I can't pull them off.

I feel similarly about low-cut socks.

What's the deal with low-cut socks? Are they like muscle shirts for calves?

Do they conceal sartorial shame, like a clip-on tie?

"You're wearing socks?!"

According to Wikipedia, "most sports require some sort of sock, usually a tube sock to protect one's legs from being scraped." Are low-cut socks advantageous in some way? Do they increase aerodynamics?

Or are they simply more comfortable? I dunno… You expose your Achilles tendons to slicing. Crew socks at least provide a sense of security, albeit a false one.

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  1. Forest 17 Jul 10 at 16:00

    I can't bear crew socks. Anything else cuts off my circulation. Then again, I have hair on my legs.


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