Adam Riff™ Clip of the Week

Ist das nicht ein double feature?
Ja das ist ein double feature.

Oh, du schöne
Oh, du schöne
Oh, du schöne

This text will be replaced

28. Hung (NSFW)
Birthday sex.

29. General Hospital
James Franco's character is chased up a flight of stairs—waving a gun and laughing—and falls off a balcony to his bloody death while a black drag queen speaks the lyrics to Gary Jules' "Mad World."



  1. hugostop 31 Jul 10 at 18:18

    so wait, is this still part of franco's using-the-soap-opera-medium-for-performance-art kind of thing? or is he just strapped? the clip was very confusing, and i'm sure context wouldn't help. #discuss

  2. Adam 01 Aug 10 at 19:07

    What's with the header images this week? Did I miss these 'Jonathan Yu' pieces being used for some other project?

    1. Jon 02 Aug 10 at 00:25

      they are blasts from the past. before adam. 2000-2001.


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