Weezer reveals cover for upcoming record Hurley

We just wanted to use that picture of Jorge Garcia's face on the cover. It's such an amazing album cover, and we didn't want to have any other words on it, so we just figured everyone was going to call it Hurley, so that's what we call it. [source]


  1. Aaron 09 Aug 10 at 18:45

    Rivers Cuomo has totally lost it. And I don't just mean "it" like "the ability to write good songs" – I'm actually talking about his mind.

  2. hugostop 09 Aug 10 at 23:24

    this has to be one of the best album covers ever. and i say that without a pinch of hyperbole. awesome.

  3. esteban 10 Aug 10 at 13:53

    do they have a website where it lists when bands jumped the shark?


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