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000-012-3456? Oh. Skype. –

Tony Fader called me last night.

"Are you going to relinquish the domain name?"

"Why do you own the domain name?"
"Well, I know a Tony Fader. He was…heh…my hero in 2002 and…"
"Is this Tony Fader 'Anthony Fader, computer science PhD'?"
"I corresponded with him 15 years ago."


15 years ago, Tony was 10. I didn't register the domain name until last summer. You had 14 years to register it.

"My men will pry the domain name from you. Your address is [redacted]?"
"I asked politely, but you want to be combative."

Um, you're the one who's trying to poach my domain name. I'm just reacting to you.

He said something about how I said…

I checked Adam Riff™.

No, I didn't libel him in that post. Maybe he's displeased with the content on tonyfader.com. Maybe I should pull Steven's blog off. But that would suggest that he's affecting me, and this joker cannot win. tonyfader.com needs its true hero.

I wonder why he doesn't just register an alternate domain name. anthonyfader.com is available, as is tonyjfader.com. My name is way more common than his, and I manage to get by on the Internet.

—generally speaking if you can demonstrate a legitimate use and prior long-term ownership then he doesn't have a leg to stand on.
—just be aware that he can file any lawsuit he wants and try to tie this up in court. doesn't mean he'll get far, but he can try if he wants.
—Domain Name Dispute Attorney
If you have a dispute involving a domain name, you should contact an experienced domain name dispute attorney immediately. Because domain names can be very valuable assets, you should not be penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to protecting a domain name.

—i'm not hiring an attorney over this
—i'll make some phone calls. you might not have to.

—if he wants to buy it from you, he's welcome to. of course, since you got it from another tony fader, that tony fader will need to negotiate the fee
—meaning "let's let new tony try to negotiate with our tony."

—i would actually consider selling just to see two tony faders negotiate the value of their name

—don't worry about it at all. you've got the other tony fader involved, and you've got someone using it.
—worst case scenario, your new magazine is called tony fader.

—tony fader: the magazine
—tony fader™!

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  1. rob 19 Aug 10 at 17:57

    I don't think this guy has legally got a leg to stand on. It's a non-issue.

  2. hugostop 19 Aug 10 at 18:09

    unless you're hosting the site in the aims of being defamatory against this doucher (which doesn't look to be the case), seems like you have all the right in the world to own it. domain is property. that even sounds redundant. call his bluff.

  3. Forest 19 Aug 10 at 21:51

    I like how neither of your sites are named after you, yet both have music-related "surnames." Fader and Riff.

  4. Aaron 20 Aug 10 at 02:23

    Is it libel if I call him a fucking nut job in the comments? "My men will pry the domain name from you"… uh, who's the combative one again? Welcome to the world, dickbag, your name is not unique.


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