The fruit of your loins is a killer fruit

TLC's Freaky Eaters premieres on September 5.

Each episode follows someone who is forced to confront the painful truth behind a food obsession and come face to face with its destructive side effects.

The only two episodes announced so far are "Addicted to Cheeseburgers" and "Addicted to Sugar."

I hope the cheeseburger addict isn't like Don Gorske. I expect no less than a sideshow attraction from TLC. I want to see a sugar addict who craves pure sugar, whose desk looks like Tony Montana's at the end of Scarface and…I dunno… Simple syrup enemas!

Idea: Man vs. Freaky Eater.

Pricing the celebrity swag at Wizard World:

Larry "The Soup Nazi" Thomas: $20 for an autographed ladle.
The sad thing was that people were actually buying these. Somehow, Thomas has managed to turn saying "No soup for you" into a career.

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One Wizard World attendee cosplayed as the Old Spice Guy.

Inside the secret world of Trader Joe's
Those pita chips? Made by Stacy's.

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