It was a huge pumpkin!

What did we learn in August?

1. Degrassi's quarterback likes Hot Chip.
2. Will's supervisor does not (Rubicon).

Why don't Subway or Quizno's stock Original Recipe Miss Vickie's chips? I don't want fuckin' jalapeño kettle chips, and I don't want plain Lay's – I want plain kettle chips! Why aren't they an option? I mean, Netflix doesn't just stock Ghostbusters II!

No one would miss Cool Ranch Doritos…

My local Whole Foods sells single-serve bags of Sweet Onion Kettle Brand chips, and Spicy Thai ones, and Honey Dijon ones, and Cheddar ones, but not Sea Salt ones. Moreover, Lightly Salted Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut chips are only available in Costco-sized bags. If I want a more manageable size, I have to settle for the Salt and Fresh Black Pepper flavour.

Single-serve bags of Lightly Salted Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut chips are impossibly elusive.

Miss Vickie's discontinued a Mister Vickie's flavour.

Barbecue-flavoured chips were added under the name Mr. Vickie's, as a way of recognizing the work of husband Bill.

Bill died in a car accident in 1997. [source]


  1. Aaron 01 Sep 10 at 16:13

    You'd be surprised. There is a very strong, opinionated Cool Ranch Doritos constituency. I'm not included because I find them disgusting, but they're out there, and there are tons of them.

  2. esteban 01 Sep 10 at 16:23

    you guys are crazy. cool ranch is still the best chip in the market. they need flaming cool ranch and i'll be happy.

  3. hugostop 01 Sep 10 at 16:43

    cool ranch are absolutely the best chips. they need to make baked cool ranch. #woulddie

  4. hugostop 03 Sep 10 at 00:33

    most accurate sample pool. ever. #science


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