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As noted in this week's Cribsheet, Sunday marks the tenth anniversary of At the Drive-In's Relationship of Command LP, which doomed Grand Royal, the Beastie Boys' vanity record label.

From the January/February 2002 issue of Blender:

Trouble emerged when the label became involved in a bidding war for At the Drive-In. Grand Royal finally signed the band in March 2000, for just over $1 million. A year later, the band broke up, leaving the company empty-handed after incurring significant promotion costs.

Eight years earlier, Mike D pursued and signed Noise Addict, teenage Ben Lee's band, to Grand Royal.

From the May 1996 issue of Details:

Ben Lee disbanded [Noise Addict] mere weeks after they released their [debut] album Meet the Real You.

Noise Addict briefly toured with Sebadoh before disbanding. 13 years later, Ben Lee re-formed Noise Addict with Lou Barlow.

After Grand Royal folded, Adam Yauch formed Oscilloscope Laboratories, a film distribution company.

Omar Rodríguez-López's The Sentimental Engine Slayer would be a harmonious addition to Oscilloscope's film catalogue, heh.


"I can confirm we're in development on a project called 'Napster,'" said Marc McCarthy, a spokesman for Starz Encore.


MTV to make Napster – the movie
Alex Winter, who played Bill in the "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" movies, is scheduled to write, and possibly direct.

2010: I think a Napster movie is still viable. A Google movie is in development and 1. Napster launched after Google did, 2. Napster's cultural impact is comparable to Google's, and 3. Napster's story is more cinematic.

Seth Rogen as Shawn Fanning.

Giovanni Ribisi as Lars Ulrich.

Justin Timberlake can reprise his role as Sean Parker in the Facebook movie.

Auschwitz – an Uwe Boll Film (First Teaser)

"Never forget."

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  1. Drew 07 Sep 10 at 17:54

    Giovanni Ribisi as Lars Ulrich.

    I've always thought that too!


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