My dog died.

He was delicious.

Bitter Feast is a horror film about a chef who kidnaps and tortures the food blogger he blames for all his problems.

[Writer/director Joe] Maggio stumbled upon the plot while reading an unfavorable Frank Bruni review in the New York Times of Gordon Ramsay's London Hotel, leading Maggio to wonder what Ramsay would do to Bruni if he ever got his hands on him. [source]

Mario Batali plays the chef's boss.

I caught an ad for Taco Bell's Chicken Flatbread Sandwich.

"A Taco Bell sandwich?" I thought. "For under a dollar? I'm intrigued…"

Then I saw the sandwich.

It's a folded piece of flatbread with chicken and cheese inside. I'm pretty sure I've ordered it before as a quesadilla.

What the fuck is that?

While it looks more delectable than Burger King's pathetic Whopper in a bowl, who is the target demo? Carb counters craving calorie bombs? People who are allergic to bread?

The Amazing Race 17 clip that proves this season will be great:


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  1. Aaron 08 Sep 10 at 12:31

    That burger shit is hilarious. The Whopper looks so fucking disgusting it's incredible – I can't imagine those lasted long? Though I haven't been to a Burger King in probably as many years.


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