Weekend Nachos

How you doin'?

This week: UCLA at Texas and Packers at Bears. Oof.

I bought a Ritter Sport bar expecting a biscuit covered in dark chocolate and instead received pure dark chocolate.

The older I get, the more absurd a chocolate bar is to me.

"It's just chocolate? WHAT?"

Chocolate bars are increasingly both too simple and too much for me. I feel similarly about string cheese.

"It's just cheese?!"

The Town

Charlestown… More like Chavstown, amirite?

—to be fair, they've been dressing like that since forever
—how is that fair?

During the trailers: "It's just them trying to stop a train?"

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  1. John O 22 Sep 10 at 01:59

    Take what you can get with the football. Also, how much will you enjoy telling yourself that UCLA has a great shot to beat USC? I would not bet anything either way on USC at this point.

  2. John O 28 Sep 10 at 02:56

    Everything is coming up roses for your ursine teams.


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