Adam Riff™ Clip of the Week

36. Top Chef: Just Desserts
Psycho Seth's awkward meltdown

The Quickfire challenged cheftestants to incorporate penny candy into a dessert.

Honourable mentions:

» Moving Miss Blankenship on Mad Men S04E09

» The ending of Weeds S06E05
uncharacteristically well-orchestrated peril

» The ending of Terriers S01E03
would be a water cooler moment if anyone watched the show



  1. ernest riles 25 Sep 10 at 14:20

    "The Red Hots are for my Mommy."–33-year-old adult male

    That was one of the most uncomfortable hours of television I can remember watching.

  2. Adam 25 Sep 10 at 15:41

    Terriers ending was a big wtf. Looking forward to where that situation is going.


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