You're just milking this to death

As noted in this week's Cribsheet, Saturday marks the tenth anniversary of Radiohead's Kid A LP.

In advance of Kid A's release, KROQ added "Optimistic" to its rotation.

A week-and-a-half after its release, Radiohead appeared on Saturday Night Live and did not perform what I assumed was the first single off Kid A, opting for "The National Anthem" and "Idioteque" instead.

No singles were released from Kid A, but promos of several songs from the album were sent to radio stations. Without an official single specified by the band or label, the guitar-driven "Optimistic" became the default track to be picked up by alternative rock stations. [source]

"Well, this one has guitar…"

Thom Yorke has since expressed regret over not releasing "Everything in Its Right Place" as the lead single. [source]

Kate Hudson: Once again, Radiohead!

A man futzes with what looks like a telephone switchboard. Thom Yorke flails about like he's possessed. "This is awesome," I think, and the audience agrees, cheering heartily at the end.

Over a month passed after Kid A's release before I learned and realized that a second booklet was hidden underneath the jewel case's media tray.

I just thought, "This is an oddly weighty case."

March 2005
Ann Arbor, MI

I'm perusing a shelf of CDs in Tony and Matt's apartment and Tony remarks that he likes Amnesiac more than The Bends.

"Amnesiac…," I think. "Leftovers of the Kid A recording sessions… Radiohead's Machina II… Better than The fuckin' Bends?!"

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  1. Aaron 29 Sep 10 at 11:42

    This is probably equally hard to believe, but I think I prefer Amnesiac to Kid A. I like The Bends more than both though.

  2. Logan 29 Sep 10 at 12:43

    Psshh The Bends is better if you aren't a real Radiohead fan, asshole! Who are you? The guy who yells "PLAY CREEP!" from the last row at the concert? I mean FUCK.

    But really, Amnesiac doesn't come close to Kid A.


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