We're the places that we wanted to go

Once upon a time, I began telling people that I would not live past age 30 in hopes of inducing a "placebo effect" that would impel me to live every week like I would not live past 30.

"I'm not committing suicide. I'll just…cease to exist."
"Whatever, Jon."

Today, on my 28th birthday, I am facing another 50 years of life and am completely unfit to fill it with meaning.

"Dood, 28 is still young!"

I'm not sure that's a good thing.


  1. hugostop 06 Oct 10 at 10:19

    nice still, bro! "when cameron was in egypt's land… let my cameron gooooooo…"

  2. esteban 06 Oct 10 at 16:14

    you got it easy.

    you know in Im Still Here when jp leaves letterman and takes limo and pulls over and starts saying how he's nothing. he's done?

    or that part in boogie nights where phil hoffman shows dirk his new car and tries to kiss dirk and dirk leaves and phil stays in the car, saying i'm so stupid, i'm so fucking stupid.

    that's me and, i'm 32

  3. Adam 07 Oct 10 at 01:54

    Yea, but wasn't there a great tracking shot leading up to that Dirk/Phil scene? One-take tracking shots would make any shitty life much cooler.


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