Something's going to steal your carbon

David Inglis, author of A Sociological History of Excretory Experience, says there is no single act that can both ostracize and infantilize a person like public defecation. "This is a highly problematic issue with athletes, one that dares not speak its name."

Another poop author puts it more bluntly: "If you walked into a bathroom and saw John Elway in a stall taking a big dump, you'd never think of him the same way again," says Dave Praeger, who penned Poop Culture and serves as editor in chief of "Nothing can knock a superhuman athlete down to earth as quickly and severely as poop. That's the power of poop."

David Fleming on the Tao of Poo – ESPN

This week's Sunday Night Football game is Eagles at 0-and-49ers – Kevin Kolb vs. Alex Smith. We shall learn on Monday just how much America loves football.

Me: Who is your favourite [SF] Giants player?
My five-year-old nephew: Andrés Torres!
Me: [pause]

Idea: A documentary on Red Sox fans in the Deep South.

BYU football coach Bronco Mendenhall named his children Cutter Bronc, Breaker Blu, and Raeder Steel.

"Those names are tame compared to what Bronco wanted," [wife] Holly says. "'Thrasher' was one name that he really liked." [source]

Maximum Power Mendenhall.

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