Absolute Denial of the Ultimate Nullifier

Challenge: Flying Sugar. Four sugar artists must create a fantasy flying machine out of sugar that moves through the air.

Food Network Challenge Idea: Edible Love Dolls (Love Doll Cakes?).

"McDonald's food doesn't decompose" exposés annoy me to no end. They are not scientific experiments – they are just smug experiments. We all know that fast food is unhealthy, but it's also affordable, and it decomposes in your body, so it can't be completely devoid of nutritional value.

At Safeway, I was greeted by a sign that informed me that if I did not find their produce fresh and delicious, they would replace it and refund my money.

I would probably only find their produce not fresh or not delicious while cooking with it or eating it, however, in which cases returning to Safeway for replacement produce would be a hassle.

Moreover, how do you prove to Safeway that their produce wasn't delicious? Because if scout's honour is sufficient, then…hello out-of-season produce!

In the freezer section, I stumbled upon Drumstick-flavoured Dreyer's ice cream – ice-cream-treat-flavoured ice cream. A bit odd, no? It's like Bagel-Bites-flavoured bagels.

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