Restaurants are now being required to post signs at every entrance stating "Smoking only 1) at the curb or 2) if no curb, at least 15 ft. from exits, entrances, operable windows and vents."

And, the sign must include "the international 'no smoking' symbol, consisting of a pictorial representation of a burning cigarette enclosed in a circle, with a diameter of at least three inches, with a bar across it." Seriously.

San Francisco bans smoking in restaurant patios

San Francisco bans people sitting down or lying on sidewalks

San Francisco bans Happy Meals

Exposed wieners? [shrug]

Does it come in pink?

The 2010 World Series tied the 2008 World Series as the lowest-rated World Series ever. In fact, each of the last three World Series that the Giants played in either set or tied a ratings low – 1989 (16.4), 2002 (11.9) and 2010 (8.4). To be fair, they played AL West teams in all three Series.

The World Series should end before Labour Day, before FOOTBALL, but then the regular baseball season, which will MLB never contract, would have to begin in the middle of winter.

I see only two hopes for (non-Yankees) baseball to re-capture America in October:

1. The potential simultaneous NFL and NBA lockouts next fall

2. The Cubs in the World Series – especially, the Cubs in the 2015 World Series

To think, the Red Sox could've played the Cubs in the 2003 World Series. Bartman and Aaron Boone were swell consolation prizes, though.

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