Count your blessings, you're the lucky one

Previously on Adam Riff™:
"I'm dreading work tomorrow. Per a directive from the CEO, I'm to cold-call people and peddle discounts on gift cards for a steakhouse chain."

"How goes it?"

"Um… I don't think paying me to do this is the best use of this company's money."

"Oh, I agree, but it was my predecessor's strategy, and I can't overturn it without due diligence. I figure two days worth of futile cold-calling will suffice."

TWO DAYS?! What kind of shitty CEO needs convincing that this is a terrible strategy?

I phoned as much of my list as I could on Friday after 4:00 PM. Let's reach voice mailboxes and say we did.

MC Hammer – Better Run Run (Jay-Z Diss)

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