The Walking Dead

As with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, I don't understand all the love for The Walking Dead. A little violence and gore, a lot of tedious melodrama among poorly-acted caricatures – it's like Dexter with zombies.

The current season of Dexter, by the way, is nigh unwatchable.

The Walking Dead also suffers from Dexter's problem of a protagonist whom you know is never in any real peril, which tempers suspense. In last Sunday's episode, for example, whatshisname's wife implores him not to return to Atlanta, and I thought, "Bitch, please! If he dies, it won't be until this show's final few episodes, which ratings suggest are years away." Someone may cut his right hand off, but the star of the show ain't perishing anytime soon.

Kurt contends that whatshisface is not the star of The Walking Dead.

"The pilot centers around him. Who else would it be?"
"She hasn't been introduced yet."
"Ben Linus commandeered affection too, but in the end, Lost was the Jack show."

Ways to improve The Walking Dead next season:

» Stray from the comic and jump 28 years into the future. We re-join whatshisname's son and token Asian as adults who irreparably lost the best years of their lives. Explore the long-term effects of a zombie apocalypse.

» Hire the cast of Friday Night Lights to reprise their characters in a parallel storyline.

» Predators.


  1. Drew 17 Nov 10 at 13:02

    Don't most shows feature a protagonist who is never in any real peril?

    1. Jon 17 Nov 10 at 21:03

      Yes, but most shows don't feature a protagonist who must evade capture.


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