Generation Nothing

I was thinking about that Notre Dame student who died, and how the university will probably compensate his parents with money, and how if one of my loved ones ever died wrongfully, I would hire Scott Boras to negotiate my wrongful death claim.

There is storytelling to be mined here.

Idea: Death brokers. The death broker. A notorious lawyer is kidnapped and forced to secure an ungodly ransom for his own release.

Idea: A con man coaxes women into marriage and then collects money for "wrongful deaths" that he arranged.

No, he would become recognizable.

Idea: An only child dies wrongfully in an explosion. His remains are not found, and the liable party agrees to compensate his parents generously, only in monthly increments over 20 years. When the child unexpectedly returns home alive, his parents must decide whether to part with the money or their son (again).

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