The Mollusk

"I think my 10th anniversary high school reunion is this week, but I'm way out of the loop."

"I would rather dance with them than reminisce."
"That excruciating?"

127 Hours

I was skeptical that Aron Ralston's story could sustain a feature film, but Danny Boyle adroitly adapted it into a meditation on human solitude. How you respond will probably depend on your social history.

The amputation scene is wicked pissa, as is A.R. Rahman's score and the delayed title credit.

Lizzy Caplan is billed in the opening credits for approximately one minute of screen time and three off-camera lines of dialogue.

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  1. hugostop 22 Nov 10 at 10:43

    pissa? i had to google this. for this, i judge you.


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