Because you're temporarily handicapped?

Somewhere in my storage closet is a Michigan license plate that reads THE ROCK. I still wonder how Jord obtained it.

In high school, I drove a Ford Thunderbird that my cousin Eddie drove while attending Cal in the eighties.

"Why does your license plate read 'winnie-win'?"
"It's WIN, I WIN, sans comma and spaces."

Edward was a confident golden bear.

At the same time, my mother drove a minivan with a license plate that combined the names of my brother Winston and I – JON WIN.

Most people read it, however, as "Jon Wins" in Engrish.

"How much Jon win?"
"Jon win five dolla!"

So I drove a car with a license plate that read WINIWIN, and my mother drove a car with a license plate that read JON WIN, and we normally parked our cars adjacently in our driveway, and I sometimes borrowed her car.

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