No war, no guns, no corps, just life

Monday on MTV: True Life: I Have a Paranormal Ability.

Normally, I would [pause] here, but I quite dig the increasingly shameless episodes of True Life – the docu-Maury era.

Actual True Life episodes in development:
» True Life: I'm Allergic to Everything
» True Life: I Have a High Maintenance Girlfriend
» True Life: I'm a Chubby Chaser
» True Life: I Look Like the Opposite Sex
» True Life: I Have Narcolepsy
» True Life: I Have Hair I Don't Want
» True Life: I'm No Longer Gay

True Life: I can't poop in a public restroom.

True Life: I am a black nerd.

No, "I am a black albino"!

—the december 20 episode is "i'm an albino"
—is one of them black?

True Life: I artificially darkened my skin to pass as a black man and traveled through the American South in 1959.

Episodes: True Life – 262 total Episodes

I'm a bit surprised that "I am a Juggalo" has not been done yet.

"I Have Acne"? How did that sustain an hour?

related: if you don't laugh at at least 3/4 of these you aren't human

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