The Ever Passing Moment

"Schoolgirl outfits."
"A giant demonic samurai with a machine gun."

It looks like self-parody.

What film is this trailer for? Oh. An upward shot of a forest canopy. New Terrence Malick.

Malick's pitch to Fox: "The Assassination of Sean Penn by His Father Brad Pitt."

Days of Heaven (Richard Gere), The Thin Red Line (George Clooney), The Tree of Life (Brad Pitt), his untitled 2012 project (Ben Affleck) – Malick sure likes working with People magazine's sexiest men alive.

Black Swan

Darren Aronofsky's pitch to Fox: "It's about a ballerina who desperately needs to get laid."

Ty ranked it above The Wrestler among Aronofsky's oeuvre. Eh… I think the autograph show in The Wrestler alone is better than anything in Black Swan, although Swan's final act is something fierce.

The King's Speech

—What else has Colin Firth been in?
—A lot of British films, period pieces. He's like the Takeshi Kaneshiro of the U.K.

—Oof. Not a good look for Helena Bonham Carter.

I cannot believe that Geoffrey Rush's filmography only extends back (more or less) to 1996. He's so good.

Quills is criminally underappreciated.

Idea: A reboot of Police Academy starring Rush as Commandant Lassard, and Zachary Levi as Mahoney. And Adam Baldwin as Tackleberry. Heck, cast the whole cast of Chuck. Warner Bros. owns both properties.

—This is the frontrunner for "Best Picture"?
—Co-frontrunner, with The Social Network.

Best Films of 2010
1. Dogtooth
2. Four Lions
3. Blue Valentine
4. 127 Hours
5. Inception

The Oscar race for Best Original Score:

Inception : Cam Newton :: The Social Network : Andrew Luck.

Tron: Legacy = Jake Locker.

If possible, Fox should push Rachel Portman for Best Original Song. Her score for Never Let Me Go won't win an Oscar, but her song "Never Let Me Go" can.


  1. hugostop 13 Dec 10 at 11:32

    could not agree more about geoffrey rush.

    as a film guy, can you explain the critical parade behind 'the social network'? i took it as a more high-brow popcorn film that sexily told a pretty good story about loyalty and the such, however i see it really unusual that this story could be so compelling to a crowd that normally circle-jerks over period pieces and british accents. *shrug*

    1. Jon 14 Dec 10 at 02:17

      the social network "captures the zeitgeist"


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