I get my check from the trash treasury because I took my own insides out

I peeked inside a food donation bin and saw a plastic bag containing four boxes of candy canes. I'm sure the hungry will be thrilled.

I caught Unwrapped's featurette on Spangler's candy cane factory. "What do they do with this equipment during the rest of the year?" I wondered.


I'm surprised that Reese's hasn't tried selling peanut butter canes. No variation is too ridiculous for Reese's.

New Gorillaz Album Out on Christmas?
iPad-recorded LP possibly up for free on the group's website

Best of Kevin and Bean Christmas Albums 1991-2006
track 40, track 51 – memories…

All I want for Christmas is a way to listen to a man who lives in Los Angeles and a man who lives in Seattle banter on San Francisco radio.

Live 105 will begin simulcasting Kevin and Bean on January 3, you say?

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  1. hugostop 23 Dec 10 at 11:21

    wtf? kevin and bean have been nationally syndicated since last year!? insanity.


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