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The Directors Guild of America announced its nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials for 2010, and they are:

» Stacy Wall for Rise (Nike), LeBron James' "What should I do?" ad
» Tom Kuntz for The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (Old Spice)
» Tim Godsall for Opulence (DirecTV) and Eastbound and Mom (HBO)
» Craig Gillespie for Timothy Richman (, Game (Snickers), and Road Trip (Snickers), all of which debuted during Super Bowl XLIV
» Frank Budgen for [World Cup] Superstar (Sony Bravia)

I would've also nominated Guy Shelmerdine for Halloween (Snickers).

Should win: Budgen. Will win: Kuntz.

"…and Homecoming queen with Down syndrome."
"And the winner for Cheesiest Foundation for a Better Life Television Spot is…Goth kid returns black lady's purse and cop rewards him with doughnut!"

Idea: Parodies of The Foundation for a Better Life's billboards, a la de-motivational posters. "Herpes. Pass it on."

The man behind The Foundation for a Better Life owns Coachella fest.

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  1. hugostop 13 Jan 11 at 14:52

    that bravia commercial is epic


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