Songs of losers and dreamers can be such a drag

—Why is there a half-eaten cake on the floor?
—Oh, um, at my last job, a vendor sent a bunch of them to the office, and I brought one home, because…free chocolate cake, but I grew sick of it.
—So you put it on the floor?
—To throw it away would be wasteful, but the smell of it was overwhelming the refrigerator.
—How long has it been sitting on the floor?
—Two months?
—It hasn't decomposed.

—How's the job search?
—Mmm… I don't seem to be qualified to do anything – the fruit of existential indifference – and I'm going stir crazy. My mother wants me to take classes on Linux device drivers, and C programming, and networking QA, et cetera, and I'm considering it.
—Hey, UCSD accepted me as a com sci student!
—Yeah, 11 years ago! I see you reaching for a calculator nowadays.

—I'd move if I had any confidence in my ability to score even a shit job in another city.
—Well, if you ended up in the same situation, at least you'd be living someplace less unbearable.
—That is true. Guh. No heart, no courage.
—No Dorothy.
—Heh. No…..what's the fourth one?
—Right. No brain.

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