Here lies a man who lived his life

I was unaware that this was a television series – one that ran for five seasons! It sounds like a comedy sketch. "Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie!"

R&B star Craig David and Huey from the Fun Lovin' Criminals join Jack to spend a terrifying night strapped to the side of a cliff. [source]

Jack heads into the Canadian Rockies with Natalie Imbruglia and The Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd. [source]

Ozzy Osbourne's son, a one-hit pop wonder, and a hobbit walk into the Canadian Rockies…

"He was also an enforcement junkie in Indiana."
"Oh that's right! With Erik Estrada."

Erik Estrada as a reserve police officer on Armed and Famous begat Steven Seagal as a reserve deputy sheriff in Louisiana, which shall beget…Deputy Butterbean, in which the former boxer serves and protects as a reserve police officer in Alabama.

Butterbean participating in narcotics raids is actually somewhat logical – more logical than Tony Danza teaching high school English.

Reality Idea: Celebrity Cake Shop. Celebrities make cakes.

"Bull on Night Court. Richard Moll."
"Kari Wuhrer."

A Brief History of David Letterman Trying to Act in Sitcoms and Movies
I've been trying since 2001 to produce an article ("Midnight Screenings") in which a panel of acting experts critiques film performances of late night talk show hosts. Letterman in Cabin Boy. Leno in Collision Course. Kimmel in Like Mike. Conan in Storytelling.

This can't be legit.

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