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I was up until 1:00 AM watching television so I could select a clip authoritatively. NBC annoyingly scheduled two Thursday nights of repeats before March Madness and two new Thursdays against it.

12. Pink anuses on parade – Dumbo homage (Bob's Burgers, S01E08)

Honourable mention:
» Pitt vs. Butler – final seven seconds (March Madness, 03-19-11)
» "Did you see Regis this morning?"Magnum, P.I. homage (Archer, S02E09)

» (Parks and Recreation, S03E08)

You could cast a sitcom with the spouses of Parks and Recreation's cast. Chris Pratt is married to Anna Faris, Nick Offerman is married to Megan Mullally, Amy Poehler is married to Will Arnett.

Arnett is rumoured to be replacing Steve Carell on The Office.


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