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More high schools are eliminating senior-class "superlatives" polls, in part out of concern for their effect on recipients.

Nearly one-third of those named "most likely to succeed" in high school regard it later as "a curse."

Some labels, such as "worst reputation" or "most likely to have a conversation with himself," can raise legal concerns about damaging students' future prospects. [source]

As the editor-in-chief of my senior yearbook, I was in charge of "senior superlatives" and peeved some classmates when I posted the results publicly in advance.

In response, my yearbook adviser cut "senior superlatives" from the yearbook and, not wanting them to go to waste, I passed the awards on to fellow members of the school newspaper staff.

"Jon, we need to talk. I am deeply hurt by what you did. You betrayed me."

"We pulled 'senior superlatives' from the yearbook for a reason. You knew that students were upset with the awards they won and you still went behind my back and published them in the Oracle. I can't believe you."

"Chris Brooks complained to me today about being featured in the Oracle as 'Biggest Brown Noser.'"
[Note: We pasted his head onto a stand-in's body in the accompanying photo with the female winner, but renamed the award "Teacher's Pet" to soften the blow]

"We should've discussed this beforehand."

"Jon, I care deeply about the students at this school. When you do something like this…it hurts."


I was voted "Most Likely to Host an Infomercial."

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  1. Ryan 12 May 11 at 18:57

    I was voted "Most Likely to Take Over The World" and "Mouth Almighty" and lost both because I didn't show up when photos were taken.

  2. Adam 13 May 11 at 02:15

    Since I can't comment on the Agony tumblr, lets be clear that the Sharks survived the Red Wings, not the other way around. I don't think their loss warrants any picture. Unfortunately I have to support your stupid Canucks now. Shit.

    1. Jon 13 May 11 at 03:32

      The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  3. josh 13 May 11 at 04:40

    i was voted "most likely to cry their way out of a ticket" and "most likely to become a school administrator". needless to say i hated my school.


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