A crown for a king

This Must Be the Place
Sean Penn plays an androgynous former rock star named Cheyenne who travels the U.S., in full makeup, searching for the fugitive Nazi who tormented his father at Auschwitz.

I can't.

David Byrne reportedly collaborated with Will Oldham on songs for the soundtrack.

"Baaah-boo-rah, baaah-boo-rah…"

Rory: A top five goth turn?
Jon: Easily. Up there with

Mark on Home Improvement

and Ethan Suplee in The Butterfly Effect.

Speaking of Ethan Suplee, have you seen his IMDb profile picture? Holy cow!

Check out the hilarious comedy Work It, coming soon to ABC!

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  1. josh 24 May 11 at 02:33

    do NOT forget gay vinny's kid in Sopranos. also, i saw ethan suplee at a restaurant last weekend, and he was barely recognizable.


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