Like a rat in a cage pulling minimum wage

[touches face]

Did I apply lotion? No, it's sweat.

This weather… When I carry an umbrella, no rain. When I don't, drenched.

"The Curious Case of the 53rd and 6th Halal Carts"

The cart on the east side of 6th Avenue is also Halal Guys and sells the same food, but the queue is one-fourth as long.

While buying a can of pop, I spilled my combo platter on a beverage cart. The cashier glared at me, pulled a bottle of water covered in rice, and glared at me some more. Flustered, I scooped as much spilled food as I could back into its container with my hands, greasily grabbed a Diet Coke, and fled.

—You continued eating it?
—Uh…yeah! It's the 53rd and 6th halal cart!

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  1. dedleg 23 Jun 11 at 16:45

    Yup. New York in summer is a veritable swamp land.


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