I caught a bit of Extreme Chef on Food Network, during which producers dumped artificial hail on contestants during a cooking challenge, and I thought of the Internet.

I just want to create and share stuff, but the people behind the Internet keep throwing daft obstacles my way. iPad doesn't support Flash. Chrome doesn't support H.264. IE ClearType.

Chopped is another fitting analogy. I figured out a way to incorporate Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook into my web presence, but don't know what to do with Google+. If I don't use Google+, however, I risk not advancing, so it's on my plate.

Sometimes I wish that Internet software was monopolized.

Google+ is the Conan of Social Networks

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  1. dedleg 22 Jul 11 at 13:44

    "The people behind the Internet" haha. Yeah, I hate those assholes too.


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