We are beggars all

Jon: I'm stubbornly attached to the idea. How much do you estimate it would cost to stage? To save money, we could crowdsource housing and transportation, and bands could share instruments, leaving airfare, venues…

Jon: I wonder if we could secure funding via Kickstarter. I just seek to break even. This is a non-profit venture – pure fan service.

Jon: We lift the three song rule. All you can shoot, but no flash.

Jon: EH?
Jon: It's like a Thrice cruise on land.
Adam: I'd pay a lot of money to see that.
Jon: I think it's feasible.

Jon: We don't sell tickets. The only way in is by donating via Kickstarter.
Jon: Pledge $33 or more and we add you to the guest list for night two.
Jon: Pledge $66 or more and attend nights two and three.
Jon: Pledge $99 or more and attend all three nights. The Detroit Bar's capacity is a fourth of Yost's and the Mouse House's.
Jon: Pledge the minimum amount and receive professional video recordings and/or access to live streams of the event.

Matt: Three nights of Thrice. Three different albums?
Jon: Mmm… Night one – intimate acoustic set. Night two – regular set. Night three…
Matt: Request night.
Jon: Thrice doesn't seem like a band that can perform its oeuvre extemporaneously.
Matt: Night three – fan-curated set list. They can rehearse in advance.
Jon: Night three – The Alchemy Index in its entirety, supported by members of the six other bands.

Adam: How do you plan to re-unite Curl Up and Die?
Jon: Uh… Know any Marines?
Jon: Worst case scenario, it's Mike and a backing band – CUAD with Buckethead on guitar.

Matt: How about adding United Nations?
Jon: Has United Nations ever performed live?
Matt: They did in NY, NJ, and DC, but never on the west coast.
Jon: Geoff Rickly, Daryl Palumbo, and Ben Koller – re-uniting CUAD may be easier.

Matt: Ooo. Hot Water Music.
Jon: I considered HWM, but we need to reserve some acts for Thranksgiving 2.

Ryan: Thrice is still a band?!
Ryan: (loved CUAD so much…)


  1. Riley 25 Jul 11 at 11:59

    I like the idea, but I seriously doubt that I could ever make it happen (for many reasons.)

    It'd definitely be a lot of fun though.


    Cloudkicker isn't (and doesn't sound like it'll ever be) a functioning band. It's just Ben, when he has time, which is not all that often, apparently.

    1. Jon 25 Jul 11 at 15:33

      Cloudkicker isn't a functioning band, or functioning solo act, but it could be, for one night. DARE TO DREAM.


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